Will Treatment Help Me??

The two most important elements of treatment are the quality of your relationship with your therapist and treatment effectiveness (or treatment outcome).  This page provides actual outcome data from people who have worked with Dr. Stephens and used his treatment program.  He has been using this treatment since 2018, and so all data is from the beginning of 2018 to the present (June, 2020).


Dr. Stephens Data: Treatment from Others:
People Scheduling Appts:659 NA
People Missing 1st Appointment:18% 60+%
People Continuing Tx After 2nd
Appointment: 95% 78%
People Achieving Recovery**: 221 NA
People Completing Treatment: 221 NA

**Recovery for my practice is defined as the following:  Achieving at least 2 of the following 4 markers of recovery:

1.  Complete elimination of symptoms related to brain function, as reported by the person.

2.  Complete elimination of symptoms that brought them to treatment, and reduction of all other brain-function-related symptoms by 50% or more as reported by the person.

3.  Clinician observation of complete elimination of symptoms that brought them to treatment, AND reduction of all other related symptoms by at least 50%.

4.  Statistically significant improvement from pre-treatment testing to post-treatment testing.


Recovery for most mental health practitioners is defined as being able to manage symptoms, live independently, have less impaired functioning, and having clinical and functional remission.

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