Biblical Brain Rehabilitation Certification Trainings

Biblical Brain Rehabilitation Certification Trainings provide the ability for you as somebody in ministry to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, relational, and spiritual problems that are common to those for whom you care. An understanding of brain function, how to improve it, and the spiritual issues related to it are necessary for you to minister in a way that leads to comprehensive recovery and deepened relationship with God.

This training will allow you to provide effective treatment from a Biblical perspective that avoids the legitimate concerns about psychology, counseling, and the problematic philosophies behind them. People will recover from emotional problems like anger, depression, anxiety, and panic; behavioral problems like addiction, abusive behavior, criminal behavior, and irresponsibility; cognitive problems like ADHD, memory problems, speech difficulties, and learning disabilities; physical problems like headaches, ear ringing, sensitivity to light and sound; and experience a deepened relationship with God, all from utilizing the neuroscience and Biblical principles that come from this training and certification.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Pastors, ministers, youth ministers, teachers, coaches, and anybody who wants to minister biblically and effectively to others.

WHAT YOU WILL GAIN: Training and skills to help people's brains function without difficulty and at the level of their ability. You will learn the techniques necessary to achieve this goal, and upon successful completion of the training will be certified to provide this to those to whom you minister (professionally or otherwise). You will also gain an understanding of how the brain interacts with the heart to affect spiritual life and your relationship with God and others.

TRAINING DETALS: This is a 2-and-a-half-day intensive training, but is interactive and fun. You will be able to provide your perspective and learn not only from the trainer but from each other. You will learn the latest research and neuroscience information about how the brain functions in general, as well as how to assess an individual's brain function and treat it effectively. The information is presented in non-technical language that is easy to understand and apply to people in your ministry or in your life. Training topics include:

  • Brain Function
  • Assessing individual brain function
  • Fueling the brain and achieving brain recovery
  • Identity
  • Misperceptions of identity
  • Correcting identity misperceptions
  • Brain and heart recovery
  • Achieving trust in God and well-being

TRAINER: Dr. David Stephens. He has over 20 years experience working as a neuropsychologist, researcher, Academic Dean of a graduate school of psychology, and clinician. He has written curriculum for national training agencies and was a member of the Colorado Governor's Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury. His research and inspiration from God are the sources of the information you will learn and the Brain Rehabilitation process.

COST: The cost for the full training is $125. Included in the training cost is the opportunity to consult with Dr. Stephens about people you are working with who may be struggling. The annual cost for maintaining certification is $49, but the first year's certification is included in the initial training cost. Maintaining your certification requires an annual 1-day refresher training, which is $60 and in addition to the annual certification.

SCHEDULE: The next training is scheduled for April 8-10, 2021. It will be held at Joyland Church at 10605 Green Mountain Falls Road, Green Mountain Falls, CO. Please email your interest in attending to [email protected] . You can email your interest up to the day of the training.

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