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The other pages on our website discuss myths about concussions, and the fact that most concussive injuries (force and impact) go undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated.  Covert Concussive Syndrome (CCS) is a reality that leads to significant suffering and life disruption, and yet can be treated and resolved.  The treatment outcome is in most cases a return to pre-injury levels of functioning, and the resumption of a healthy, productive life, regardless of the severity of the CCS.

For these reasons, it is imperative for people of all ages to have a regular Brain Health Screening (minimum of every five years, but more often than that when a concussive injury is detected and symptoms are observed).  The screening consists of evaluating functioning in all areas of the "concussive quartet" (neuro-physical, neuro-cognitive, neuro-interpretive, and neuro-emotional).  Participating in Brain Health Screening will help identify, and even protect against, symptoms and conditions such as memory loss, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, academic or professional problems, behavioral problems, recurring injuries, dementia, and others which are CCS-related.  If a screening is positive for CCS, early identification means the opportunity for faster, more efficient treatment that is less expensive.

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