Depression and Anxiety Treatment Outcomes

It is important to me that people are aware of the outcomes of the treatment I provide to people for a variety of difficulties.  I collect data at the beginning of treatment and also at the end so there is an objective measurement of their progress and recovery.  It is also important to me to provide this data to potential new clients or others who are interested.


I utilize the Patient Health Questionnaire - 9th Edition (PHQ-9) to measure symptoms of depression, and the Hamilton Anxiety Scale to measure symptoms of anxiety.


The cutoff scores for the PHQ-9 are as follows:

0 - 5     No depression

5 - 10   Mild depression

11 - 15  Moderate depression

16 - 20  Moderately severe depression

21 - 27  Severe depression


The cutoff scores for the Hamilton Anxiety Scale are as follows:

0 - 17   No anxiety to mild anxiety

18 - 24  Medium to moderate anxiety

25 - 38  Moderate to severe anxiety


To date the following are my treatment outcomes on these scales:


PHQ Average Score at the beginning of therapy:  11.25 (Moderate depression)


PHQ Average Score at the end of therapy:  1.75 (No depression)


Hamilton Anxiety Scale at the beginning of therapy: 18.25 (Moderate anxiety)


Hamilton Anxiety Scale at the end of therapy:  4.75 (No anxiety)


Check back on this tab for regular updates of treatment outcomes for anxiety and depression. 

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