Doing Our Part to Reduce Racism

black lives matter...

The title of this posting is intentionally written in lower case letters to differentiate between the value and worth of the lives of people of color and the political entity of the same name, which is controversial and not transparent about its activities and agendas.

In my opinion, research (and my own clinical experience) supports the validity of what is called intergenerational trauma, which is the transfer of the effects of traumatic events from one generation to the next. This is true from a brain-fueling perspective, and a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles support the postulate that when a mother has been traumatized she has difficulty providing all the nutrients the fetus needs to develop normally, which is one very important way intergenerational trauma is transmitted.

The effects of racism, whether via slavery, lynching, killings, beatings, confiscation of land and property, blocking of educational and employment opportunities, etc. have resulted in disruption in brain fueling and disproportionate symptoms of emotional, cognitive, and even physical disorders among many ethnic populations (Black people and Native American people being among the most prominent. Sadly, every ethnic and other groups of people have experienced one or more of these issues: racism, sexism, and classism).

Reparation is a complicated issue full of difficult political, philosophical, economic, spiritual, and practical problems, making it difficult if not impossible to implement on a societal level. We do not have the power, money, or influence to implement anything like reparations, but can make a difference in our scope of influence. Similarly, others reading this post can think of creative ways to either help repair the damage done by racism or at least stop acting in racist or privileged ways, in their sphere of influence.

For that reason, we are making the following offers:

If you are a black person or a Native American person in particular, but from any ethnic group that has experienced racism, we will work with you for a steeply discounted rate that is affordable to you. We can help you with intergenerational trauma and other traumas, depression, anxiety, cognitive problems like attention issues, memory trouble, anger, addiction, etc. There is not unlimited availability, so if you contact us and there is no current availability we will put you on a waiting list and will get to you.

We are also offering brain recovery training for workers in faith-based organizations, ministries, and churches. If you are a member of an ethnic minority group or are working in a faith-based organization or church that ministers to those from ethnic minority groups, you will receive the training at steeply discounted rates that are affordable.

Finally, no matter your race or ethnicity, if you have identified that you struggle with acting (or perhaps even thinking) in racist ways, we will work with you to overcome those racist thinking and behaving patterns at a steeply discounted rate that is affordable to you. Martin Luther King believed and stated that racist behavior was caused not by hatred but fear, and people could overcome their fears and racist behaviors.  We share that opinion, although our perspective is shaped and informed by neuroscience that was not available to Dr. King.  If there is current unavailability we will put you on a waiting list and will get to you. As I will describe in a future post, racism is ultimately an individual issue and sin, very frequently derives from brain dysfunction, and can be changed and overcome.

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